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Asbestos Dangers are Everywhere!

As if Crocodile sighting, deadly jellyfishes and varying populations of E. coli are not enough to add fears to Darwin residents. Asbestos shell-like chunks have been found along the shore. The Department of Environment confirmed that the suspected scraps are positive as white asbestos.

asbestos found in Darwin shore

The residents believed that the harmful scraps were sand dollars. They have been seen them around the beach for a long time. This hazardous substance was washed up in the tide and creating worries among the residents. The Darwin City Council advised the locals to stay away from the beach and let the authorities to conduct the clean-up works.

It is dangerous to have fibre contamination in public spaces. This is because the chance of getting exposed to the toxic substance is high. You must raise awareness on asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) to your neighborhood and the public. This way you might save yourself from getting exposed to fibres.

However, you can’t simply save the day by DIY handling the fibre products wherever you found them. Always keep in mind that handling the harmful materials safely requires proper protective gears and tools. Especially, appropriate respirator tools.

You have to put on a special respirator mask according to the Australian standard. This helps you prevent inhaling the fibre dust.

Thus, it might be better to get yourself one of these respirator masks first:

  • Half-face filter respirator fitted with a class P1
  • Half-face filter respirator fitted with a class P2 filter cartridge
  • A class P1 disposable respirator
  • A class P2 disposable respirator

Then, if you already have your own respirator mask, can you conduct the jobs of asbestos removal and testing? No, you need to get through a special training to perform such work. Asbestos removal and testing works require skills and experience. Therefore, it is best to leave all the trouble to professionals. It will reduce the risk of further contamination.

There are few things you must follow to do the work safely. There are also things you can’t do when it comes to handling the hazardous material.

What are they?


  • Create a well-ventilated working area and, if possible, in the open air (not on windy days).
  • Gently damp down all the hazardous material surfaces completely before starting and during the work using a spray filled with water or a 1:10 polyvinyl acetate (PVA): keep the material wet until it’s wrapped and ready to be transported.
  • Use hand tools that generate smaller amounts of dust such as a guillotine, handsaw or hand-powered drill.
  • First pull out all nails to safely remove sheeting, with less breakage.
  • Carefully lower the hazardous sheets to the ground and cover them with polythene sheeting for at least 0.2 mm thick, such as heavy-duty builders’ plastic.
  • Minimise breaking or cutting the fibre products.
  • Take off and dump all of your used personal protective equipment. Immediately take a shower and wash your hair thoroughly as well as clean your hands and fingernails to remove any fibre dust that may stick on your body.


  • Use water jets with high-pressure to damp down the harmful material surfaces. It can release and spread more ACM dust to its surroundings.
  • Scrub the hazardous material surfaces. There is a high chance that it can contribute more fibre dust into the air.
  • Use power tools including abrasive cutting, sanding discs or compressed air on ACM products. These will generate more harmful dust too.
  • Walk over the weathered fibre roofing. You might fall by stepping on weak spots.
  • Leave uninstalled ACM product anywhere without wrapping it first.

You may find that asbestos removal and testing works are not easy. Carelessly handling the ACM products may lead to fines and criminal charges. Thus, the Australian Government advised property owners to use professional contractor services in handling the harmful substances. So, to solve your ACM problem, get yourself a professional contractor!

Leave Your Worry with Us

Through Asbestos Watch Darwin, get connected with professional assessors who are specialised in dealing with asbestos removal, testing, roof removal and management plan projects. We endorse reliable contractors who have an A-Class certification. They are capable to handle ACM-related projects on every level, including commercial and residential.

Save your time by calling a removalist through us! Our experts are skillful, highly experienced and are able to bring the best quality services at competitive prices. There’s no need to be worry anymore. Start your consultation with our professional contractors today!

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It is hard to see the ACM directly. Therefore, the best decision you can take to safely remove the fibres is by asking professional removalist services. Be effective and efficient with our assessors!

They offer you:

  1. Asbestos removal Darwin – Removal of any kind of friable and non-friable product within your property with care.
  2. Asbestos testing – Perform thorough checking, testing and sampling of all suspected products in your place by a licensed assessor.
  3. Asbestos roof removal – Conduct a thorough inspection, removal and the replacement of roofing materials.
  4. Management plan – Create a detail management control plan to reduce risks and create a clean environment.
  5. Air monitoring – Conduct a complete air monitoring procedure before and after the removal process.
  6. Demolition Survey – Deliver a brief report to you so that you know the location of fibres inside your property, before executing a demolition project.
  7. Soil remediation – Removing contaminated soils effectively and efficiently.
  8. Emergency repair – 24/7 services to handle contaminated roofing, fencing, and flooring materials in an emergency situation.

Find out more about the situation you’re dealing with by getting your 3 free quotes here!

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Asbestos waste is still a dangerous material. For that reason, if you are going to dispose of your asbestos waste, you have to discard the material to the authorized asbestos landfill. It's because not all waste landfill can take the asbestos waste. Let a professional help you dispose of your asbestos waste safely.

Asbestosis is a chronic lung disease that caused by asbestos exposure that leads to long-term breathing difficulties. Unfortunately, there is no proven cure yet for the disease. These are treatment options for the disease:

  • Oxygen therapy. This therapy will help relieve the symptom of shortness of breath.
  • Respiratory physiotherapy. It's going to remove the secretions from the lungs.
  • Doctor will give drug prescriptions. It will help relieve the pain.

The answer is yes! You should worry about asbestos if you're going to remodel your bathroom. Particularly, if your house was built before the 1990s, you have to check whether the asbestos lay within your house construction.

You can find experienced and professional asbestos removal contractor in Asbestos Watch Darwin. Asbestos Watch Darwin endorses top-quality, certified, and reliable asbestos removal contractors and related services within Darwin area.

Having asbestos products within your property can be dangerous, particularly asbestos roofing. If the roofing products in your house are weathered and become structurally unstable, then they should be renewed or replaced. If you are going to renew or replace the roof, better contact a professional and licensed removalist to undertake a safe procedure.

The answer is No. If your house contains friable asbestos material, it should be handled by a professional and certified asbestos removalist. Contact a professional to help you remove the asbestos material from your house.

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