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Run a Business? You Must Have an Asbestos Management Plan (AMP)

If you are responsible for managing or controlling a premise, it is really urgent to identify the presence of asbestos-containing material (ACM) there. The danger posed by the substance has affected many people. Every year in Australia there is almost 2,000 people die from ACM-related diseases. The worst one that you can get is mesothelioma.

asbestos management plan Darwin

As the controller of a building, you are required to ensure that the occupiers of a building will be safe from any risks caused by ACMs. You are then obliged to have a high awareness regarding the ACM hazards.

Is the Structure Categorised as the Older One?

Check the age of the building. If the structure was built or renovated before the mid-1980s, the possibility of the building being installed with fibrous products is high. Most buildings built before 1990 commonly contain asbestos cement (AC) products. AC is the most common asbestos material found inside and outside of a building.

The material was mixed with cement and water to add the strength of the material. The cement usually contains 10 – 15% of asbestos by weight. The products of this cement are possible to be found in different building materials, such as roofing, exterior wall cladding, fencing, water pipes, insulation on hot water pipes and domestic heaters, and backing material on floor tiles.

Then, are newly built buildings clean from any products containing hazardous fibres? Apparently not. Nowadays, buildings built after 1990 are also possible to be contaminated with products of dangerous fibres.  The case with the infrastructure that was installed with illegal fibrous products sent from China should be a warning that asbestos threat is still present until now.

An AMP is Your Solution!

The AMP or Asbestos Management Plan is a document used to manage ACMs in a structure, building or in waste and soil that were contaminated. For a landlord or property owner, the AMP is very useful. Its function is to help property owners to avoid exposure from airborne fibrous materials while the ACM lingers in the workplace. Its main purpose is to make sure that everyone in the premise is free from any material containing hazardous fibres. The AMP produced should be in accordance with the requirements of the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission Code of Practice for Asbestos Management and Control in Workplaces.

The AMP has to:

  • Include an ACM register.
  • Determine a person in charge for any incident related to ACMs.
  • Encompass any decisions concerning the management of identified ACMs.
  • Include the location of the identified fibrous materials.
  • Arrange a schedule for implemented control measures, such as repair or removal.
  • Be continuously updated.
  • Be revised regularly or when require.
  • Decide a procedure for revising the plan.
  • Plan how risks will be managed and controlled.

What Is an ACM Register?

It is a report that lists all known or assumed products containing hazardous fibres in a building. A person who is responsible of controlling or managing a premise must maintain an ACM register. The register is also needed by construction workers if a refurbishment or demolition work is going to be performed in the contaminated building. It must also be accessible to the employee. Thus, it is important that the register is always updated. It is also needed to be prepared and kept at the premise by the property owner or manager.

Initial Steps for Preparing the AMP

Before you develop an AMP, the first thing you need to do is to engage a qualified assessor to do an ACM inspection or survey. The survey includes a visual inspection of all accessible locations in the building and collecting samples from the suspected material. The visual inspection alone is not enough to identify fibrous materials. Therefore, all suspected materials need to be tested in a lab. The samples will be analysed in a NATA accredited laboratory.

DIY for Testing

Some attempts to do testing by themselves. It is really important to know that the ACM is a dangerous substance. It requires extra care in handling this material. You are strongly recommended to hire an expert to handle it. If you still want to DIY, among the kits that you need to have, including:

  • Disposable gloves
  • Disposable face mask
  • Disposable coveralls
  • Sample bags for sample collection, one bag for each sample
  • Spray bottle
  • Plastic sheets
  • Clean plier

How to collect the sample?

Here are the procedures to collect the samples:

  • Prepare the sampling equipment.
  • Place a plastic sheet on the ground to catch any loose material during the sampling process.
  • If the sampling is done inside of a building, turn off fans and air conditioning. If it is done outside, do not perform the activity on a windy day.
  • Wear a Class P2 respirator mask.
  • Wear disposable coveralls.
  • Wet the suspected products with water using a spray bottle.
  • Cut out a piece of product in a size of a thumbnail using clean pliers.
  • Take a sample from the edge of a corner or on the existing hole or crack.
  • Put the sample into sealed plastic bag, and then double the bag.
  • Put a label on the sample mentioning the date, site details, sample location and number.

asbestos management plan Darwin project

Do You Need to Develop an AMP?

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