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Why is it so urgent for a building with asbestos materials to be inspected? It is because asbestos can cause health risks if it is badly deteriorated, damaged or weathered. Fibres may become airborne and be inhaled.

If you urgently need to remove asbestos products, contact us. Asbestos Watch Darwin is ready to solve your asbestos removal problems.

  • We are fully B-class licensed and authorised to remove both friable and non-friable asbestos.
  • Our team of experts have followed hours of training and obtained accredited certification.
  • All works will be performed following the procedure established by local and national regulations.

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Asbestos In Building Materials

Due to its versatility and tensile strength, asbestos was massively used in the past. This material was mostly installed in properties that were built before the mid-1980s. Asbestos products could be found in every part of a house.

There are two types of asbestos materials that were used for building in the construction industry:

  • Non-friable or also known as bonded
  • Friable or loosely-bound

The non-friable material consists of a small amount of asbestos fixed in a hardened cement matrix. It is the most common material used in residential housing. Famously called ‘fibro’, ‘asbestos cement’ or ‘AC sheeting’, the material is likely to contain 10-15% of asbestos fibres, but occasionally it can reach up to 40%.

The bonded type is less of a risk if treated properly and kept encapsulated, compared to the loosely bound called “friable”.

Another bonded product that is commonly used in commercial, industrial and residential buildings is insulating boards. It is used for fire protection, sound and heat insulation. Asbestos product is also used for:

  • Roofing
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Wall linings
  • Fencing
  • Electrical panels
  • Circuit boards
  • Partitions
  • Lining under eaves
  • Lagging on hot water pipes
  • Backing of vinyl floor and tiles
  • Garden sheds
  • Dog kennels


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Is New Building Free From Asbestos Products?

Although according to the general rule that only houses built before 1990 contain asbestos products, based on the news, a new structure is also possible of being installed with products containing dangerous asbestos fibres imported from China. This case occurred in Perth Children’s Hospital where the collapsed ceilings were identified as being contaminated with asbestos materials.

In fact, asbestos was been fully banned on December 31, 2003. All forms of this material are no longer allowed in Australia, including mining, storing, selling, importing, using, reusing, as well as manufacturing the products.

The fact that some buildings could possibly be installed with illegal products containing asbestos, demands the use of our team for continual testing.

Asbestos has caused death to many people. Make sure you protect your family from asbestos. To find out more on how to save your loved ones from asbestos, check out our Asbestos Testing. Always be smart and be safe.

Our Asbestos Removal Processes


any asbestos removal work, a pre-inspection may be required. In some circumstances, the Asbestos Removal Specialists Darwin Team may need to perform sampling and test the sample via a NATA-certified laboratory if required.

Once the presence of asbestos is confirmed, our team will identify and determine the next proper control measure, which is often asbestos removal.

Removal Of Asbestos

Our team will restrict access to the working area. We remove asbestos using specialised equipment and tools. The material will be placed and sealed in a 200-micron thick plastic. All personal protective equipment (PPE) and disposable equipment that was used during the process, will also be placed in the 200-micron plastic. When required, our team will perform clearance inspections to ensure your property is safe from asbestos hazards.

Disposal Of Asbestos Waste

All PPE used tools, and asbestos waste will be disposed of properly by our team. We will identify and locate the nearest EPA-accredited facility that can accept asbestos waste. Rest assured the whole disposal process will be performed in accordance with the national and local regulations.

If you believe your property has asbestos, contact Asbestos Watch Darwin. We are committed to delivering outstanding asbestos removal services to meet your expectations. Fill in the quote form or call us directly to get a free estimate for your needs!

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