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Asbestos Removal – a Solution for Asbestos in Your Home

The danger of asbestos in Australia has grown since the last few years. There are potentially millions of tons of asbestos lie buried and dumped around Darwin. The expert reveals that mounds of asbestos-contaminated soil have been illegally dumped in the city. The government has made the regulations and codes for all asbestos-related works, including asbestos removal and demolition, testing, and disposal procedure.

Asbestos Removal – a Solution for Asbestos in Your Home


There are many actions and solutions to prevent the hazard from this material, but the most requested service is a removal.

  • Since this material has been appointed as an illegal material, it is the best to prevent the asbestos containing material (ACM) from becoming friable or damaged.
  • If the material is damaged, the risk of inhaling airborne fibers becomes higher.
  • Even if the products are bonded (undisturbed), we don’t want to wait until the products are broken or badly weathered.

The safest way is not to live near this fibrous material, and if possible, conduct a removal service.


Do you know the danger of ACMs for your health?

There are several respiration-diseases caused by these small particles. Inhaling the small particles for a certain period and large amount will pose you to risks of suffering asbestosis, mesothelioma, and even lung cancer. Unfortunately, these diseases only show signs of existence in a long time, and once you get it, the potential to be cured is unsure. Many people who work in construction or live near friable chrysotile have faced death because of inhaling small airborne fibers.

Most of the people are not aware of how close they are to the risks of being exposed to ACMs. This fibrous material is not only utilized in building construction but also in home appliances. It’s not only utilized in your roofing or floor tiles, but you can also find it in your popcorn poppers, hairdryers, and toasters. The best solution to prevent the risks of exposure is by employing a trusted removalist and have the suspected ACM products removed.

Asbestos removal Darwin must be performed by a certified and experienced removalist because the procedure needs a proper equipment. Removing this dangerous material without sufficient experience may cause the fibers get into the air. Hiring a professional contractor will prevent the possibility of small airborne particles and the asbestos removal Darwin service will be followed by air monitoring to check the safety and the hygiene of air. Doing a DIY removal is legal but you cannot manage a risk assessment without a professional.

If you’re planning to remove the material by yourself, there are some standard steps that you need to follow. This is a simple guidance to do the removal procedure by yourself.

  • Cover up: You have to wear a proper Australian Standards-approved respirator mask recommended for the procedure. Make sure your dust mask has two straps to hold firmly in place. Also wear a hat, gloves, disposable covers with a hood, and safety goggles.
  • Do not eat, drink, or smoke: You are not allowed to eat, drink, or smoke as you may inhale or accidentally eat small particles. Wash your hands and face with sterile soap and clean water before meal breaks and when finished work.
  • Never use power tools: The small fibers may be released into the air if the power tools are used for any works other than the removal of screws
  • Do not water blast with stiff broom or brush: You are not allowed to water blast asbestos sheets or any friable material because it will immediately be deteriorated in some way. If this happens, you should call a licensed hygienist to conduct air monitoring service
  • Wet gently to dampen the sheets: When removing the sheets, use a pump spray to lightly dampen and keep the fibers down
  • Avoid drilling or cutting the products: Do not drill holes through flues or eaves, as these may also contain ACM. Never cut the sheets to prevent the airborne fibers. Remove the entire sheet gently
  • Don’t drop the fibrous sheets: Remove the sheets carefully and do not drop it with heavy pressure. Lower the products to the ground to minimize breakage.


Before conducting a DIY removal, there are some preparation steps that you need to do. The following steps are:


  • Put plastic sheeting under the area to prevent any fibers contaminating the ground. Use the heavy duty 200um thick plastic bags, and these plastics should not be made from recycled materials
  • Move kid’s play equipment away from the work location
  • Close the air ventilations, windows, and doors and seal them to stop the airborne dust getting into the building
  • Ask neighbors to do the same procedure
  • Seal off the area where dust can get in, such as under doors



  • Close all doors and windows; use tape and plastic sheets to seal off the work areas from inside the house to prevent contamination of other locations.
  • Use a heavy duty plastic bags which must not be made from reused material
  • Tape the plastic all over the floor
  • Cover all air conditioning, vents, and central heating ducts and also fireplaces
  • Remove soft furnishings, curtains, and rugs from the work location, and seal them in plastic if they’re hard to be moved
  • Lay plastic sheeting under the work location to avoid any dust contaminating the flooring tiles
  • Move kid’s toys and equipment away from the work location
  • Seal off the other places where small fibers can get in, such as under doors.


You probably want to ask the most common question, how much does asbestos removal Darwin cost? You should not be worry about the price of asbestos removal Darwin service, because a good and reliable service are worth the cash comparing to the health of you and your family. The removal procedures will only cost you around 30$ – 90$ per sheets, or 70$ – 120$ per square meter (for flooring and cladding).

Although DIY removal is not illegal, but every work that related to asbestos are not suggested to conduct by a non-licensed contractor. Aside from the appropriate equipment that is required for the procedure, a sufficient experience is necessary to conduct any asbestos work especially a removal. If an untrained person performs the process, the risk of spreading small particles into the air is high.

Take precaution and have awareness by employing an expert contractor to perform asbestos removal Darwin and trust the professional removalist to conduct another preventive service such as air monitoring, asbestos testing, and asbestos emergency repair. The price is always worth the value of your and your family’s health.

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