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Do You Have a Corrugated Asbestos Roof? Check Now!

Why is it so urgent for a building with a corrugated asbestos-containing material (ACM) roofing sheet to be inspected? It is because the corrugated roofing sheet can cause health risks if it is badly deteriorated, damaged or weathered. It may become airborne and release tiny fibrous dust into the air and inhaled by people.

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The Golden Age of Corrugated Asbestos Roofing

The corrugated ACM roof was massively used in the past. It was the product of asbestos cement (AC) sheeting. AC itself is a mixture of ACM and cement. Usually, the amount of ACM in the mixture was around 10 to 15% of the total product or even up to 40%. Due to its versatility and tensile strength, the product was widely used as corrugated roofing on garage, sheds and farms. Additionally, the product was also used for drainpipes, water tank, flue pipe and others.

“Super Six” was the popular name for AC product. It was manufactured by James Hardie & Co from the 1950s and ended in 1985. Super six was widely used for roof sheeting and as fencing.

Does Your Building Use ACM Roofing Sheets?

As the initial step to check whether the building used ACM roofing sheets is by recognising the year of when the structure was built. It is commonly known that:

  • If a structure was built before the mid-1980s, the chance of being installed with a fibrous product is high.
  • If a structure was built between the mid-1980s and end of 1990s, a fibrous product was possible to be installed within it.
  • If a structure was built after the 1990s, it was unlikely to contain any fibrous product.

The product of fibrous material was fully banned in December 2003. The use of any product containing deadly fibres was prohibited including manufacturing, selling or re-using it. However, with the recent findings of an illegal product of ACM attached to important infrastructures, such as a hospital, the awareness regarding the possibility of the presence of fibrous products in the building where you live in, or you are responsible for is seriously needed.

Do an Inspection Immediately

For an accurate result of the inspection, you should hire a well-trained assessor. Have your corrugated roof be checked. Getting the inspection will diminish the risk of being exposed to deadly fibres.

The condition of the corrugated roof is easily affected by the nature such as being exposed to rain and the sun over some period of times. The roofing sheet will get old naturally and weathered. As it gets deteriorated, the roofing sheet becomes disintegrated, and that is when it poses a serious health risk.

The danger commences as the fibres start to disperse in the air. The fibrous dust is very tiny and thinner than human hairs. It can enter the lungs easily when it is inhaled. What even worse is that if a natural disaster such as Cyclone hits the structures; it will help the spread of the fibres. The situation will require an air monitoring to identify the spread of fibre levels.

AC sheet is the product of non-friable type. There are two types of fibrous materials, including friable and non-friable. Non-friable, also known as bonded, is a type of material that is solid and cannot be easily crumbled by hand pressure while friable can be pulverised and reduced to powder by hand pressure.

Do Not Forget to Do the Testing

The result of an inspection will be accurate and valid through a lab testing. The asbestos testing is to ensure whether or not the suspected material contains fibres. Samples are taken to the lab. The sampling is best analysed in a NATA accredited lab. As the testing result, an asbestos register will be provided. The document will assist a person who is in charge of a building regarding the materials containing hazardous fibres within the building.

The Right Procedure for Handling Corrugated Roofing Sheets

The risk of fibrous materials to householders is low in a normal condition. For the building installed with non-friable fibrous products that are in good condition, the best thing to do is just to leave them. Do not do anything or disturb the materials, but check them regularly for any signs of deterioration or damage.

If you find a minor damage, such as crack, small hole, weathered, or hail damage, the solution available is repairs.

  • Crack – seal the crack using a product like PVA glue, paint or polyfiller. However, if the damage is quite serious, the entire sheet is best to be replaced with the new one.
  • Small hole – encapsulation is the proper choice for the damage. It will protect the sheet from more damage. The unprotected edges should be sealed or painted with a PVA glue solution or the same product.
  • Weathered – it will require a special sealant or surface coating to seal the weathered material. For this type of damage, seeking advice from a professional painter is strongly recommended.
  • Hailed damage – the procedure is best to be performed by a professional removalist. It is quite dangerous to work at height on a damaged surface. Plus, the sheet does not hold weight, so one might fall while stepping on the damaged sheet. Hiring roof repair companies is more recommended compared to DIY.

All of these solutions are short-term only, which in the end it would be appropriate to engage a license-holder professional to change the damaged sheets. Asbestos removal is strongly suggested for badly damaged sheets. Some would prefer DIY for removal. It is completely allowed. However, there are some strict requirements to be followed.

DIY for roof removal is only allowed for non-friable material, and the size of the material is not more than 10m2. The amount of time allowed is one hour in seven consecutive days. During the work, you need to ensure that you can eliminate the risk of exposure. You have to consider the safety of the surroundings. Following removal course or training before carrying out the work is the best thing to do.

Another thing to be considered if you choose DIY is that personal protective equipment (PPE) is required. The protective kits, such as a standard P2 mask, eyewear, gloves and overall, are available at hardware store. When disposing of the waste, you need to put them into a zip lock plastic bag and double the bags.

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Use Asbestos Roof Removal Darwin Service

When the roof is too risky to be handled by yourself, you should hire an expert. Asbestos Watch Darwin is ready to get you connected with fully licensed contractors. They hold an A-class license and accredited certification for handling jobs related to asbestos in residential and commercial premises. You can use asbestos roof removal Darwin services to remove the damaged roofs.

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Our members are well-trained, so they know how to provide safe and clean asbestos roof removal Darwin services. The contractors we endorse can provide excellent services with good prices for you. To ease your worries, you can request three quotes from the contractors for free.

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